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DuPont paper is very strong but also very soft, with a certain hardness on the surface, which provides physical material support for the epoch-making innovation of “soft furniture”.
What is soft furniture? It is like a sandbag sofa with pillows, but its shape retention ability is stronger than that of a sandbag. How to solve this problem? Inventor Liang Haisheng invented a “multiple tetrahedral” folding technology. Using a rectangular tent cloth, you can fold multiple pieces without cutting or trimming, such as 8 “tea bags” like Lipton black tea. "A tetrahedron like that. There are more than forty shapes, including staggered double-layer wrapping shapes and mutually inlaid shapes. They can be used as sofas, bar tables, pillows and other “soft furniture”. The edges zip shut and the interior can be stuffed with foam. Or make it inflatable.

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