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Everything about myself

Andrea Rizzardi
Andrea Rizzardi, born in Treviso, Italy in 1986. Started studying Industrial Design in Politecnico di Milano in year 2005 and received the Bachelor of Industrial Design in year 2009.

In the same year, he entered the graduate program in Design Engineering and received the Master degree of Design&Engineering in April 2012; with the graduation thesis of algorithm for the system elements of the Snap-Fit. In the academic years he has done several collaborations with laboratories, studios and companies in industrial design; throughout these experiences, he has enriched his professional background and combined the knowledge of the design industry and school. In year 2009, he had his first project showcase in Milan Design Fair (Fiera Milano)—”Mater-Pizza”, VISCOM ITALY. The project was a collaboration with Imballaggi Protettivi Srl and Zund Swiss Cutting System AG. In year 2010 he has collaborated with V&P Associati Srl for 3D model CAD model and rendering. In year 2011, he presented “Fit” in Milan Design Fair at Salone Satellite ( Fiera Milano al Salone Satellite) patented design and developed in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano. In the same year, he started the professional collaboration at Termozeta S.p.a. and Espressocap S.p.a.; in which he designed and developed new products including a new patent “Grattugina”.

Currently he works as industrial/strategic designer at PET Engineering–a multinational company specializing in beverage packaging design; which he designs and develops new products and design strategy, focusing on:

- Connecting Efforts to design a new product marketing strategy;

- Integrating design as a fundamental aspect of strategic product brand intent;

- Translating insights into actionable solutions;

- Designing new products for Russian, Asian and European markets;

- 3D modelling software and rendering tools for new product proposals;

- Understanding and Following trends for colors, materials and styles;

- Creating new products / concepts presentation for clients.

Continues to maintain partnerships with all companies with which he collaboratofino now and works to expand its partnerships and their culture.
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