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Enel Challenges / Smart Helmet

Enel Smart Helmet


Designing and developing a Smart Helmet


Enel Global Infrastructure & Networks is searching for collaboration partners to develop a helmet able to combine all the mandatory safety requirements with the capability to accommodate an open set of sensors and wearables designed to improve safety and operation.

Visit the official Enel challenge page to participate.

Operators performing work on low voltage (LV) electric systems must wear protective clothing and equipment. In particular, the helmet is designed to protect users from accidental injury caused by electrical and nonelectrical hazards. Working conditions can include high temperatures and humidity, making the helmet difficult to wear for extended periods. Recent advances in sensor technology (wearable devices) and augmented reality have made it possible for operators to work in safer conditions, and Enel has experimented with several solutions to implement those solutions for its field workers. Therefore, Enel is interested in developing a comfortable smart helmet that offers the same level of mechanical and electrical protection as a standard helmet.

The challenge
The development of a new working helmet will combine:
1) All mandatory safety requirements;
2) Capability to accomodate an open set of sensors and wearables designed to improve safety and operation [e.g. voltage detection, distance warning from not visible obstacles or vehicles on movements (both axes) or reading tags to ensure the wearing of the full set of mandatory Personal Protection Equipment];
3) Capability to accommodate smart glasses like Vuzix Blade, Nreat, Rokid Glass 2 or simply to make the helmet comfortable during the use of these smart devices.
4) Comfortable wearing (weight), ergonomics, temperature;
5) Shock absorption from accidental impacts;
6) Other relevant improvements like implementation of smart glass in the protective visor.

Typology: product design | Deadline: June 30th, 2021 | Award: collaboration with Enel

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