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What’s Desall?

Desall is a new way of thinking the product.

Desall is an open innovation and crowdsourcing platform that, through design contests, connects companies and private clients with a worldwide community of creative talents

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Our clients

Desall clients

"The ideas of the Desall community are taken to the market by the best companies in the world"





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“, an ‪open innovation‬ platform for the world of ‪design‬ and innovation‬.” Interni magazine

“Desall, un startup que crea una plataforma web para el diseño participativo y la digitalización de procesos creativo” ARQ -

“Desall, is one of the Top 25 Hottest European Early-Stage Companies”

“...a launching pad for the young” sky ARTE HD

“The launch of the project developed in collaboration with Desall is scheduled for Sept 2016 on” Interni magazine

“Interview: Davide Scomparin presents Desall and their experience in H-Farm” B2Corporate

“Start-up companies growing inside a Farm”

“Digital and traditional manufacturing meet at Roncade” Il Sole 24 ORE

“If a company wants to launch a new product on the market, they ask Desall...” Nova - il Sole 24 ore

“800 designers for the Alessi In Love project”

“Innovative platform that brings together several brands and a unique global community of designers.” Arredativo

“The open innovation era: Desall has gathered a community of 14,000 creatives” Corriere Innovazione

“The OpenAlps Consortium presents the OpenAlps Award to Desall s.r.l. in Lyon 26.06.'13” OpenAlps Award

“Fabbian Illuminazione in collaboration with Desall presents a new design for creatives of any age and nationality.” Archiportale

“Two young designers from win the Emerging Talent Award” Designerblog

“If you can’t find the right shoe, you can create your own” GQ

“Urban furnishing design to welcome the visitors of the ArtVerona fair” INSIDEART

“Replay Footwear in collaboration with Desall gives you the chance to create your 24hshoe!”

“Desall invites to rethink our relationship with food and with the kitchen” diarioDESIGN

“Competitions - Glass House Collection '13”

“At the London Design Festival MADE.COM in collaboration with” GLAMOUR

“Replay will soon release a new shoe which can be designed by you on” Flair

“Beyond Art Pavilion won the Design Welcome contest on the open innovation platform” exibart

“The future of design is already here” BASIL GREEN PENCIL

“OZ launches ReDesign the Wheel competition on” carbodydesign

“Desall Juice: conceiving a product and bringing it to market in one day is possible!” Ninja Marketing

“Always a pioneer in research and technology and following the new trends”

“Design, innovation and fun” Fashion times

“Desall: where industrial design meets crowdsourcing” FMV mag

“Davide Scomparin, founder of Desall, believes in 3D printing” Print Buyer

“Desall hits more than 1000 users in 70 days”

“It's called Des3go and is made by Desall with 3d printing - And your headphones are tidy.” il Giornale del Lusso

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