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Info for clients / How it works


Using is pretty simple, but we don’t want our clients to have any doubt.
The following steps summarize the basic steps from the client’s point of view: from the signup, through the contest creation, to the evaluation of the proposals and the community feedbacks, to end with the choice of the your favorite works.

Signup as client : go to signup page and create your account as client. If you are a private client, choose Individual in the signup form, otherwise if you are a company, choose Company .

Launch a contest : in the contest launch page you can choose the contest typology that better fits your needs.
We work on 3 different fields

- Industrial design : if you are an individual or a company interested in Industrial production.
New idea : new solutions to everyday problems
Product design : new shapes and solutions for your product
Naming : find the best name for your products
Packaging : prepare your product for market
(you can choose one of them separately or more of them together)

- Craft design : if you are an individual or company looking for craft products, single/small series, handmade projects, etc

- Interior design : if you are an individual or company looking for an exclusive Interior design project, such as space planning, custom furnitures, contract furniture, exhibition/stand projects

Monitor the proposals : once your contest has started, monitor all the new entries – by doing so, you will be ready when it’s time to select your favorites. Remember, you can comment every work and give advices in order to receive more accurate proposals.

Look market feedback : when the upload phase has ended, it’s time for the community to vote the contest entries. This phase is fundamental to understand what customers prefer and to have an idea of the global market trends.

Choose your favorites : once the voting phase has ended, choose the projects that best suit your brand and give them your awards!


SINGLE phase contests

SEQUENTIAL phases contest (up to 4 Industrial Design packages)

There are two ways to launch a contest, autonomously through or in assisted mode with the help of our staff.


We accept Paypal and Bank Transfer as payment methods, both for the Online and Offline purchase method.

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