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Info for creatives / How it works


Using Desall is pretty simple, but we don’t want our users could have any kind of doubt.
The following steps summarize the primary process from the user point of view, from the signup, through the contest selection, to the upload and hopefully to the victory.

Signup as user: go to signup page and create your account as user

Choose a contest: in the contest page you can find all our contests. Choose the ones you would join and read carefully the brief and the requirements before uploading your work

Upload your work: once your proposal is ready, you can upload it through the upload page. You will find several links to that in the contest brief page.
Remember to the check the dates of the upload phase before it’s late!

Vote your favorite: after the upload phase the voting phase starts. This step is crucial because allows an initial market research on customers themselves and to help the client to choose the winner.
Remember that usually the community can’t choose the winners, if it’s not differently chosen by the client.

Get chance to win: if one of your works will be chosen by the client as winner, you will get real money as award for your job! Plus more, if your work will be sold in the market, you could get more!

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