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23 Oct 12

53 entries




hi!Mood is a wi-fi device which generates light patterns and plays music in sync with your mood. 

The electronic core is almost ready but the device is still naked and we need your help to design the coolest case for hi!Mood!

Company description

A-Pole is a team of PhDs based in Italy, with a background as both research scientists and engineers.
All the members have a consistent experience in mobile & sensor systems and Internet of Things.

What we are looking for

The device “automagically” selects and plays the tracks which best fit how you feel, associating to each song the coolest and most appropriate RGB (red-green-blue) LED light pattern. You can interact with hi!Mood through a mobile app interface, setting the desired mood (like “happy” or “epic”) and, optionally, a time at which the appropriate music/lights matching the mood should start. 

The first hi!Mood prototype was developed during Hackitaly 2012 ( ): you can find additional information at hi!Mood.

Note that initially the prototype was only thought as an “alarm clock” while instead hi!Mood is now evolving into a more general purpose wi-fi connected speaker/mood lamp.

What we need:

We need you to design the new hi!Mood case.

Focus on its “mood lamp” functionality but still consider that hi!Mood delivers a high fidelity sound quality, through a stereo speaker (possibly concealed). The design should be attractive, essential and original.

The use cases of hi!Mood are many, for example it might be used as:

- alarm clock: allowing one to set a wake up time and a mood through the mobile app interface, hi!Mood would then select and reproduce the proper song and RGB led pattern to put you in the right mood!

- mood mailbox: through the mobile app interface you could remotely select the mood generated by hi!Mood (via light patterns and music) for your partner at home, even if you are away on a boring business trip.

- baby night-light with music: hi!Mood could be used as a glowing night-light emitting a cozy RGB light pattern and an appropriate music to help babies fall asleep.

Hardware Features:

- The hi!Mood case which you are requested to design must be able to contain an electronic board of size: 10 cm (width) x 5 cm (length) x 5 cm (height);

- RGB LED lights: consider room for locating a minimum of 3 RGB LED lights or a maximum of 6. The light generated by the LEDs can be amplified by the materials used to build the case (e.g. LED Light Diffusing Plastic Compounds). Each LED light has a size of 0,5 cm (width) x 0,5 cm (length) x 1 cm (height);

- Stereo Speaker(s): consider room for 1 or 2 stereo speakers, possibly slightly concealed but still exposed enough to provide high-fidelity sound quality. There is no constraint on the dimensions of the speaker, choose the size which fits best with your design;

- Volume buttons (avoid touch interface);

- On/Off button (avoid touch interface):

- No display: there should be NO display in the hi!Mood device. In fact, informations such as song title, selected mood, or current/wake up time will be available in the mobile app interface;

- Power cable.

Arduino, Hackitaly, Openpicus, Stereomood.


Since we are an international Community, all texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

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