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The aim of the project is to create an atmosphere in which individuals can
relax, feel respected, understand that the company has confidence in them. If
they feel at home they will understand that they are part of a group and will be
able to concentrate in the direction established by the company.
The project is based on the creation of a container / pillar that varies in
number compared to the size of the room and that of users.
Brown and striped like large bars of chocolate, they are the elements from
which the furniture arrangement starts becoming at the same time support for
the lowering of the ceiling, furniture containers for the users and, by the
combination of grooved shoulders, shelves of variable size according to the
The walls between these pillars, in which panels will be used to hold TV
screens, bulletin boards, etc. they simplify the works of the electric and
hydraulic systems, they can be covered with the same material (plastic
laminate or fenix) completely canceling the maintenance except the traditional

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