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The lighting in the bathroom is basic: there is observed, brushing, you shave, you put make-up, where you have the chance to have a special room you are also washer-dryers.
For all these actions the bathroom can be the place of passage for fast action or the place where we focus carefully to accomplish things more “long” and then there’s the moment that I prefer is to relaxation ..
And by this time I was inspired relaxing effect of the drop in the water.
I imagined how it can be built using objects in my possession and not used by me at this time in the house, and then buy the missing materials during the actual implementation of the project.
I took as a basis the mirror because its reflection from a feeling of grandeur. Even in a small bathroom you manage to get a result of enlargement; Today the mini apartments are getting smaller and happen to have a bath without window). Fix it on the ceiling from a visual perspective of the ordinary.

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