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Challenges / A4I Prize




Area Four Industries (A4I) is looking for new designs and ideas related to the professional entertainment business. The ideas must have innovative features in design, incorporating the principles of modularity, simplicity, safety, and durability.
A4I is looking for products, or systems of products, aimed at expanding the range of equipment in the traditional professional trussing and staging industry. Designers are invited to devise a product, tool or concept that is either based on A4I’s existing products or developed as a completely new product.

Visit the official Area Four Industries Prize web page to participate.

For the correct realisation of your proposals, please take into consideration the following guidelines:

Although the development of new functions is the main objective of this contest, you are invited to design a product that is both aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced. Furthermore, the devised product should be characterized by a lack of sharp edges. If your design is related to higher-level components, it is sufficient to describe the latter in a schematic way.

Colors & finishes
The designed product or equipment should come in natural aluminium or black matte finishing. The use of reflective surfaces should be avoided.

Context of use
The designed product or equipment should be destined for both indoor and outdoor use. Professional users should be the primary target of the proposed product.

Technology and materials
The designed product or equipment should be designed for industrial production and allow for mounting/dismounting without the requirement of specific tools, as well as for transportation by means of standard trucks.
All structural components must be made of non-combustible materials. Apart from this there are no restrictions on the choice of materials.

To best present their work, designers should submit the following materials: realistic renderings, 3D models and/or professional sketches.

Example products
Designers may use one of the following products as a starting point for the development of their proposal, although this is not mandatory.

PA Towers
Ballast System – for an Event Structure or a Temporary Demountable Structure
Stage Deck

The challenge
The proposed product should:
1) Be composed of elements that are suitably sized for easy installation and transportation.
2) Be compatible with existing trussing & staging industry materials and equipment.
3) Implement, as much as possible, the main principles of circular economy and environment sustainability.
4) Promote and valorise the corporate image and vision of A4I through its design.

Typology: Product Design, Engineering | Deadline: 31 March 2022 | Total award: €10.000

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