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Everything about myself

Avanix is an innovative start-up that designs and develops innovative wearable and wireless electronic devices equipped with sensors.
Avanix was founded in 2014 by experts in electronics and medical devices with the aim to create solutions for applications in the eld of health, wellness and safety.

The idea was born from the experience of the founders in the field of communication, electronics, and their attention to the problems related to health, wellness and the management of people fragility.

Health, well-being and quality of life of the individual is the horizon of our projects, in which the technology is used as a means to improve communication and simplify interaction with the world around us.
We believe that our expertise should be useful to improve your quality of life.
We have identified project’s areas that can guarantee the following results:
Support the management of people fragility
Create tools for people connection and communication
Smart healthcare
Social Networks
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