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H-FARM is a Venture Incubator ; our mission is to accelerate the development of Internet startups via a combination of seed investment and incubation services.

The Venture Incubator is a hybrid model that reflects the dual soul of H-FARM: that of Venture Capitalist and that of Incubator. As a VC we invest seed capital, granting the finance necessary for the early stage activities; as an incubator we provide a series of services to speed up the business development: an inspiring workplace, centralized general administration, press office, human resources, legal and financial consultancy; H-Farm partners support the portfolio startups throughout their incubation assisting them defining commercial strategies, business plans, partnerships and exit strategies.

H-FARM is present at international level with offices in four countries: Ca' Tron (Italy), Seattle (USA), London (UK) and Mumbai (India). Our premises receive numerous visits from journalists, personalities from the worlds of politics and business, potential clients and investors, hence we are able to offer exceptional visibility and important business opportunities to the startups.

The H in the project name stands for Human and it is there to underline the general objective which aims at developing initiatives that have in common the simplification of the interface, from the graphical point of view hence experience in use. The main objective is to make internet easier to use and more accessible to the public. The Human concept is also extended to the people who work for the project who can enjoy an environment conceived and developed to suit the expectations of skilled human resources.
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