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It was 1936 when Vitale Bramani, Academic member of the Club Alpino Italiano, the day after a mountaineering expedition which ended in tragedy for several people, started to think of a way to drastically improve the level of safety in mountaineering shoes. So, in 1937 the Vibram Carrarmato was born, the first vulcanised rubber sole for alpinism, a perfect solution for grip, traction and durability. Symbol of the Made in Italy genius around the world, the Vibram soles have revolutionised the standards of performance and safety in the mountains just like in the city and in any other environment. Today Vibram is leader in the development and production of high-performance soles and is getting ready to celebrate this year the 80° anniversary of the famous Carrarmato design. Accordingly, 2017 will be the right moment for the company to go over its story characterised by innovation and research, that enabled it to reach the highest levels in the shoe industry, setting the standards for safety and grip in the whole sector.
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