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12 Feb 15

124 entries




In.visible is the new energy drink conceived to convey pure energy to those who want to amaze in sport and life. Take the challenge and design gadgets able to interpret the In.visible universe made of exclusivity, passion and adventure.

Company description

Sheiko is the Swiss company creator and distributor of In.visible, the energy drink that wants to stand out for the energy it gives to its consumers. Thanks to In.visible everyone can perform at his best without ever stopping, savouring every moment of his life. It’s not about mere energy, it’s all about an in.visible superpower that allows you to improve your performances and stand out from the crowd with style.

In order to promote its new drink, the In.visible official website will host a lottery open to all those having the code which is printed on every can of the energy drink. The selected participants will be awarded with the gadgets developed through the Invincible contest on

What we are looking for

The aim of the Invincible contest is to find a family of gadgets – from one up to four – that In.visible will later give away through its lottery.
The gadgets researched by Sheiko will have to be useful accessories for those who practise “action sports”, able to convey the In.visible value system, interpreting the uniqueness feeling given by the drink superpower.

For the correct realisation of your proposals, keep into consideration the following guidelines:

Product typology : the gadgets will have to be functional and practical: in fact, they will be employed by those who practise action sports, love adventure and outdoor life.

Areas for development : focus your ideas on the following action sports:
Winter sports: snowboarding, skiing, etc.
Summer sports: surfing, wind-surfing, kitesurfing, etc.
Street sports: skateboarding, mountain-bike, parkour, free ride, etc.

Back-pack drone-gadget (optional) : for the top-price gadget, you might also consider the possibility of designing a drone, an innovative and unique product that is establishing itself in the hi-tech world. Try to conceive and design an innovative system to carry the drone as back-pack, it should be light and ergonomic for the back allowing to wear and carry it while practising your action sports as free ride, snowboarding etc.

Extra (optional) award : if you want to run for an extra award of €400 (not included in the four awards and which may or may not be assigned by the Client), propose a B2B gadget that Sheiko can give to their resellers for use in bars and disco to keep the can on the counter: think of a small luminous dock-base that might give maximum visibility to the In.visible can. For this gadget, you are invited to employ battery powered low consumption light technology and plastic transparent materials.

Values : think of a gadget and/or original accessories that can interpret at best the In.visible payoff – “the in.visible that makes you visible”. The product solutions will have to convey the exclusivity and uniqueness ideas, in line with the mission of the drink, conceived for all those who are not content with mere energy, but want to outstand in a discreet yet stylish manner.

Target : young (from teen-agers to 35/40 years) and sport lovers audience.

Style : employ a minimal style, made of clean and simple shapes that convey the idea of pureness. In this regard, you can draw inspiration from the In.visible can or the mirror version of the In.visible can yet to be launched (cf. Material files ).
The logo must be present on the gadgets and be highlighted, to give maximum visibility to the brand. (cf. Material files ). While designing, always keep in mind the target group of the product.

Price : the final price for each gadget should fit in a range of minimum 5 euros and maximum 200 euros. The top-price option might be reserved for hi-tech gadgets.

Materials : there are no constraints for the materials to employ, but you should pay attention to the material cost in relation to the target price of the gadget you are designing. The materials must also be suitable to resist in “action sports”.

Note well : we suggest you to submit one gadget per upload, to allow you to run for all four awards. On the Client request, please provide also a description of your gadget including the target price it was designed for.

License fee
For the duration of the pre-emption right, the Client offers an extra chance to all participants setting a price range between Euro 400 (four-hundred) and Euro 600 (six-hundred) for the purchase of the license for the economical exploitation of the projects not-acknowledged as the winning proposals (For more info read the Contest Agreement from the upload page).


Since we are an international Community, all texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

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