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03 Oct 14

186 entries




Chicco is searching for innovation among ride-on toys, to help babies and kids develop their sense of movement and their physical skills. What we are looking for is a 360° exploration in the world of movement related to this category of products.

Company description

Chicco is a multi-specialist brand in the baby care market, both in Italy and in the entire world. It was born from the intuition of the Artsana Group founder Pietro Catelli in 1958 and today is present in 120 countries, while still keeping its heart in Italy. The brand is able to meet the needs of children aged 0-36 months in every respect, covering crosswise every necessity of both children and parents: juvenile (out & about car safety), nursing (feeding, soothing, basic child and cosmetics), toys, apparel (fashion wear) and footwear.

Recently things have quite changed: places got smaller, digital devices have become ubiquitous and our kids (and us) are moving less than ever. Still, the body and its skills are fundamental for the babies growth (and not only for them). This is where ride-ons come into play: they are perfect for developing these skills and the children’s imagination.

What we are looking for

On specific request by Chicco, this brief is also available in Italian . ( Download )

All participants to “Ride on, baby!” are invited to find a new concept for a ride-on , that might stand out from the market and become the ride-on toy of the 21st century.

In particular, for the correct realization of the proposals, you should keep into account the following guidelines:

What is a "ride-on” : the basic structure of a ride-on is made of four or three wheels, a seat and something to be grabbed that the baby can hold. A very simple structure that can be developed in a thousand different ways , with different structures, themes and activities. Besides, several ride-ons have evolutionary features. Some have activities, some don’t. Some have electronics, some don’t. Themes might vary from vehicles, to characters or also abstract themes.

Target age : ride-ons are usually toys for children from 3 months to 5 years old. Not all ride-ons are akin and vary according to the movement and balance skills developed by the baby. At about 12 months of age, babies start to walk and stand on their feet: at this stage the ride-ons can also be used as a walker.
Before 12 months of age, children need a support to stand upright (handlebars, seat belts) and are not able to move by themselves, so parenting help is required.
The core age for this type of products is between 12 months and 3 years old. Starting from 18 months, children begin to stand on the toy and to play with it in a more dynamic way.

What we want : Chicco is looking for ride-on concepts that bring about innovation and fantasy, exploring new ideas and solutions. Keep in mind that the product requested by Chicco needs to be foot powered (pedal or battery powered ride-on toys are NOT accepted) and be suitable for children belonging to the core age (from 12 months to 3 years old). Remember that ride-ons might be evolutionary , which means they can adapt to different ages by adding or moving parts of the toy (e.g. they can turn from a rocker into a ride-on toy).

Ergonomics and size : these are crucial factors for the development of a ride-on toy. The proportions and strength of the baby should be taken into consideration: the baby should be able to comfortably sit on the toy (without feeling too loose or constricted), to easily get on and off the toy and – while riding – move the feet on the floor to easily push him/herself around.
Remember that children keep growing: what is suitable for a 12 months old baby will not be suitable for a 3 years old baby.

Materials : the new ride-on toy should be made of rigid plastic (avoiding any wood or metal materials).

Colours : at this stage, we are looking for a concept so colours are not important. However, if you want to give it a try, remember that, being it a toy, colours should be bright and joyful .

Since we are an international Community, all texts for the abstract and descriptions should be written in English. Thanks for your kind collaboration!

License fee
For the duration of the pre-emption right, the Client offers an extra chance to all participants setting a range between Euro 1,500 (one-thousand-five-hundred) and Euro 2,500 (two-thousand-five-hundred) for the purchase of the license fee for the economical exploitation of the projects not-acknowledged as the winning proposals (For more info read the Contest Agreement from the upload page).

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Since we are an international Community, all texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

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