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30 Jul 15

95 entries




FIM LAM is calling all creative minds of Desall to develop an innovative bicycle for city commuters and travelers of the world to move with ease and comfort. The newly designed bike shall be ultralight, foldable, “draggable” and portable.

Company description

Increased commuting needs, growing traffic along with high fuel prices and environmental concerns, call for new solutions to the mobility needs of a raising number of people throughout the world.
Bicycles have always been one of the most liked vehicles of all times. To date, however, despite repeated attempts ( SEE BLOG ), their full potential is yet to be exploited as fixed dimensions have limited transportation and subsequent usage possibilities.
We are aiming at breaking the design and mechanical boundaries that have so far confined the other ways multiple uses of a health and environment friendly vehicle.

FIM LAM stands for “first mile, last mile” . The aim of FIM LAM is to develop innovative solutions to serve commuters in their daily journeys from home to destination and travelers in general for their frequent trips.
“...I wish I could just drive my bike from the parking place to the metro, get on the metro then get out and drive my bike to office. It would save me time and money. I would pay serious money for this, ... but there is no real bike that folds. There are only some ugly and small foldable bikes...” Actual statement from metro passenger in Munich 2013.

What we are looking for

This brief is also available in Italian . ( Download )

The gallery of Velocity is kept Private: only the Client will be able to see the entries and there is no Community Vote. ( Learn more )

The aim of the contest is to reinvent and improve the bike to serve at best all commuters, travelers, businessmen and businesswomen of the world, designing two versions of a portable bike, basic and electric version (see below for details), that can be easily used by anyone for daily journeys ensuring, all the same, a true bike experience.
In particular, the bike we are asking you to design, shall be so light to allow everyone to lift, carry and use it comfortably. It will be extremely easy to carry (also packed inside a hand-luggage ) and with a very captivating design that will render it a “must have” within the relevant target.


For the correct realization of the proposals, keep into consideration the following guidelines:

Bike versions
FIM LAM will be available in two different versions:

1) basic will work only by pedaling;
2) electric will be based on the basic version (pedals included), except for also having an electric engine and battery. The battery (or batteries) should be positioned within the frame and easy to remove so as to allow charging separately from bicycle if needed.
Do not employ any visible chain for the transmission, rather find alternative solutions. In any case such solution shall be grease free.
Both versions of the bike will be most preferably mono-forks front and rear.

Bike setup and size: in order to address the essential portability requirements, both versions will have three setups to provide a true bike experience, an easy carrying method and a practical solution to make it fit inside a standard hand-luggage:
Setup 1 (riding position): normal size wheels (23”/24”), 70-100 cm height, 125-150 cm length;
Setup 2 (dragging position): 80-90 cm height x 30 cm width x 60-65 cm length;
Setup 3 (packing position): 50 cm height x 30 cm width x 35 cm length

Setup notes:
Setup 2: In this configuration, the user shall be able to drag (not carry or lift) on wheel(s) his/her bike along while s/he walks. The bike shall be able to stand on its own (not roll away or fall). Consider a maximum time of 20 seconds to turn the bike from Setup 1 into Setup 2. For the purpose, you might consider the idea of using a lever, a button, or other functional solutions.
Setups 2 and 3: in order to achieve the size reduction required for these setups, you might consider “foldability” and / or “telescopicity” approaches. Other feasible solutions for size reduction are welcome.
Setup 3: In this position the bike will be stored in an easy to carry or/and easy to drag trolley or back pack (ideally part of the bike itself). In order to get the bike into Setup 3, consider maximum 45 seconds.

Wheels: the wheels must be 23”/24” (when in use), allowing a natural riding experience and reassuring looks. Airless tires are much preferred over other types.
Think of a feasible solution to disassemble the wheels to meet all portability requirements (to fit in a trolley, a luggage, a backpack, etc.) of Setup 3. The techniques to disassemble the wheels might be to fold, twist, break-up or re-arrange them in any feasible way (there’s an extra award also for the best wheel solution included in the bike project). The bike must be mono-fork for both the frontal and rear wheels.

Engine: the electric version of FIM LAM will have an innovative 250 watt engine system to be placed either in the rear or in the central hub of the bike (NOT in the frontal part).

Weight: the maximum weight is 9 kg for the basic version and 13 kg for the electric version.

Target: the users of FIM LAM are men and women working or studying in the metropolitan areas and commuting daily from their home to their office or travelers in general. Their height will be min 155 cm and max 195 cm. Their weight will be maximum 110-130 kg. They are very sensitive about environmental and health issues.

Style: FIM LAM will be unisex, elegant, simple and with an innovative design. It should be disruptive in the bike arena, but not too futuristic, because it must be perceived by the public as a real and reliable bike. For this reason, you might consider the reinterpretation of classic models or develop entirely new ones. In addition, the bike should trigger a tactile engagement employing porous materials or materials that are pleasant to the touch.

Deliverables (Read carefully): for every upload represent your projects using renders or other techniques (drawings, etc.), including both versions of the bike (basic and electric version) and the disassemblable wheel solution.
Most importantly, all submissions must contain a detailed slide showing exactly how the various Setups are achieved (steps, mechanisms, position of the hinges and other important features). Along with the five images, you are invited to attach further materials inside a .zip archive. Entries including only wheels proposals will not be accepted.

License fee

For the duration of the pre-emption right, the Client offers an extra chance to all participants setting a price of Euro 1,000 (one-thousand) for the purchase of the license fee for the economical exploitation of the projects not-acknowledged as the winning proposals (for more info read the Contest Agreement from the upload page).

Revision 1 03 Mar, 15

Important update for Velocity: we inform you that the deadline for submissions has been extended till Apr 27th. You have one extra month to work on your projects while focusing on the several setups and size requirements.


Since we are an international Community, all texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

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