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31 Oct 14

149 entries




Sigma is an Italian mechanical engineering company looking for new areas where to apply their own technologies and know-how, mainly based on the working of steel-wire. Propose an interesting business project that allows Sigma to extend its scope of activity entering the business-to-consumer market.

Company description

Sigma is an Italian company specialised in the working of steel-wire on behalf of third-parties (B2B). 50 years of consolidated experience ensure Sigma the capability to fulfil the needs of an ever-growing number of wire users. In particular, Sigma is now present in the accessories market for industrial refrigeration, health care furniture and fittings and food industry.

What we are looking for

On specific request by Sigma, this brief is also available in Italian ( Download )

Through the Wire storming contest, Sigma wants to explore new scope of activities for its own technologies that do not exclude the possibility to combine steel wire with different materials. The participants are required to study the production possibilities of Sigma suggesting suitable business areas that Sigma has not yet considered and that allow to best employ its know-how. In particular, restrict the field of investigation to those areas of the market addressing the final consumer (B2C).

For the correct realisation of the proposals please take into consideration the following guidelines.

Area of interest typology: Sigma currently works in the industrial refrigeration market (producing steel wire accessories such as wire shelves and baskets) and in the air conditioning equipment for industrial use (safety protections for fans and air conditioners); it also produces accessories for the health care sector and food industry. For every example, please refer to the Material files.

Once understood the market fields where Sigma is already working, suggest an application area of the company know-how that allows Sigma to enter a new final consumer market, which is not served yet (do NOT suggest B2B business ideas).

Materials: the new business should be mainly focused on the employment and working of steel wire but a combination with other materials might also be considered.

Steel wire diameter: from 2,0 mm to 12 mm.

Production technologies: the company usually employs the following technologies (please also check the Material files for an explicatory video):
• Wire straightener
• Bi-dimensional bending machine
• Three-dimensional bending machine
• Resistance welding machine (projection)
• Automated welding machineries
• Press-bending machines
• Wire-welding robot
• Manual welding machines

Proposals presentation methods: feel free to present your project in the most effective way, employing images and/or texts; consider that if you want to submit materials other than images (.PDF files, for example), you must place them inside a .ZIP archive to attach from the upload page. Remember that at least one image (960x720 pixels or 4/3 format) and one abstract are required in the upload page.

1st: €3000
The selection of the winning business project by Sigma will be the result of an unquestionable evaluation and it will take into account originality, feasibility and consistency with the brief presented.

Revision 1 01 Aug, 14

The present revision is meant to further state that the contest is not looking for product design concepts but for business ideas (Business-to-Consumer). Accordingly, you are invited to submit proposals suggesting market sectors that Sigma can enter with the current technological asset, providing textual indications of the sector/product typologies/etc. and possible examples to support your ideas (without using copyrighted material). You can also attach slides and presentations with further details and comments.


Since we are an international Community, all texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

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