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Everything about myself

Juan Pablo Razetto
Design products and services with the user experience as the center.

My name is Juan Pablo Razetto, I was born in 1987 in the City of Ucacha, province of Córdoba, Argentina. Until I was 18 I lived in a small town called Bengolea whose main activity is agriculture, there I graduated in production of agricultural goods and services.

Then I moved to the city of Córdoba Capital where I currently live. At first I was interested in socially oriented disciplines such as audiovisual communication and law, guided by my sense of justice.
I worked for several years organizing cultural and sports shows motivated by my interest in music and the arts.
In 2010 I started a Bachelor of Industrial Design at the National University of the city, which allowed me to amalgamate all my intellectual concerns due to its multidimensional structure, graduating in 2018. Along the way I managed to expand my experience working and learning in areas such as automotive, home furnishings, sporting goods, product marketing and in the plastics industry.
Currently I am interested in areas of improvement of the user experience for Apps oriented to financial inclusion and marketing, which gives me different perspectives to continue learning.
In 2020 I started an enterprise dedicated to 3D design and product development for companies, also counting on the service for rapid prototyping with a 3D printer. That same year I got second place in the "Next Generation Dispenser" contest organized by Desall.
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