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Everything about myself

Edoardo Maestrelli aka Solomostry, class 1988, Milan Italy.
Graduated in Graphic Design & Art director, he works as a screen printer and visual artist.
Solomostry is the alias he has been using as a visual artist since about 2008.
Latest exhibition
​​​"Summer Vibes" soloshow at Kolly gallery, curated by Tania di Brita, Zurich 2019.
"Sto* disegnando" Group show, MerceMarcia Gallery, curated by Michael Rotondi, Livorno 2019.
Dialoghi di strada #4" Group show at Spazio C21, Reggio Emilia 2019. 
"Selezione Naturale" soloshow at Martinas Gallery, Giussano 2019.
Group show "Street talks" Internazionali BNL d' Italia, curated by ex-elettrofonica and Secondome, Roma 2019.
Site specific istallation for "Nite Jogger launch party" Adidas Originals curated by Vice Italy, Milano 2019.
"Screening" soloshow at Kolly Gallery, curated by Tania Di Brita, Zurich 2019.
"UNBOXING SLMSTRY" soloshow and site-specific at Lampo Gallery, curated by Giacomo Spazio, Milano 2018.
"FCKFF" group show at Buzz Kill Gallery, curated by Francesco Perrotti, Livorno 2018.
"Mixed Up" soloshow at ABFactory, curated by The Don Gallery and Andrea Concas, Cagliari 2018.
"Solomostry showcase" soloshow at Urvanity Art Fair, curated by The Don Gallery, Madrid 2018. 
"Countdown" Istallation at Palazzo Pallavicini for SetUp Contemporary Art Fair, curated by Martina's Gallery, Bologna 2018.
"Toilet x Art" Group show, curated by Cha min-jung, Haewoojae Toilet Museum, Seoul 2017.
Set Design for Destination Future, curated by Linecheck and IF! Italian Festival at Teatro Principe, Milano 2017. 
Live painting X VFTS launch debut at SOLEDXB, Dubai, 2017. 
Young prize at Artline contest, curated by Fondazione Campori, Soliera, 2017.
"Mosh Pit " Group Show, Galo Art Gallery, Torino, 2017.
Serate Illuminate, Parco Arte Contemporanea 180, Livorno, 2017.
TENEBRE, soloshow, curated by Francesco Perrotti, Buzz Kill Gallery, Livorno, 2017.
C 41 Magazine Issue 4 "Rebellion", book launch and soloshow, Premiata Berlin, 2017.
C 41 Magazine Issue 4 "Rebellion", book launch and soloshow, Oneblockdown Milano, 2017.
Cross the Streets, curated by Paulo von Vacano, MACRO Museo d' Arte Contemporanea Roma, 2017.
Assedio, giorno 109, curated by Guerrilla Spam, Torino 2017.
Floating Flag Exhibition, curated by Gram Publishing, Venezia 2017.
Urvanity International New Contemporary Art Fair, with The Don Gallery, Madrid 2017.
KRAMPUS, soloshow, curated by Giacomo Spazio, The Don Gallery, Milano 2017.
Dal caso nasce cosa di Libri Finti Clandestini, collective show, curated by James Bradburne, Galleria Demetra, Milano 2016.
S/VISTO, curated by Giacomo Spazio, collective show, Santeria Social Club, Milano 2016.
QUADRICROMIE Festival, Camposanto 2016.
TUTTOINUNAVOLTA, soloshow, curated by Giacomo Spazio, Add X to A, Milano 2016.
Daily Dose by Guido Borso, book launch and collective show, The Don Gallery, Milano 2015.
Redbull Canvas Cooler, Curated by MAD Agency, Milano Design Week, Milano 2012.
NUOVI PROBLEMI, collective show, curated by NUOVI PROBLEMI, Santeria, Milano 2012.
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