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Everything about myself

Federica Pellazza
Federica Pellazza is an italian interior & product designer based in Amsterdam.
After graduating in Architecture at the University of Florence, in 2012 she has attended a Master Course in Interior Design at Scuola Politecnica del Design in Milan.
These two cities represent the basics of her creative attitude: the Renaissance multifaceted approach meets the sense of materials & the accuracy of details.
Working for 2 years at Studio Marco Piva, she has been involved in a wide range of projects from product to exhibit design,
mainly focusing on concept design for the luxury brand Bulgari.
Strongly attracted by the hybridation of contemporary & ancient art practices and codes,
she loves to transcend cultural boundaries between different disciplines,
constantly trying to deconstruct and reconstruct reality under the conscious lens of Design.
Passionated by the experimental side of Dutch Design, she’s moved to Amsterdam in 2015 where she actually lives and works as freelance retail designer.
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