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Everything about myself

Haisheng Liang
space artist Liang Haisheng Special observer of Shanghai Design City Innovative and creative education instructor at Tongji University South China University of Technology, China Bachelor Master's degree from Osaka University, Japan Shanghai's major newspapers and television and radio stations have introduced it multiple times/largely. Special introduction to CCTV children's programs. Author of the book "Silver Rectangle - Magical Three-dimensional Paper Art Shape" "Origami Magic·Amazing Paper Cube" Art Exhibition/Art Public Education Calendar: In 1993, Japan's Sony Music Entertainment Co., Ltd. hosted the "2nd Art Artist Audition" contemporary art exhibition. The exhibition catalog includes photos of POSE's popular love gesture; 2013 Japanese Origami Detective Group Annual Conference and Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan; published in the Japanese conference journal; 2017 Exchange with the French Origami Association in Paris, France, published in the French journal; 2018 "Art into the Community/Art Exhibition while Running" in Baoshan, Shanghai; 2018 "Lucca International Paper Art Biennale" in Italy; 2021 Zhangjiagang Art Museum "Future Intangible Cultural Heritage Contemporary Visual Art Exhibition", a three-dimensional origami public education activity; 2022 China Art Palace "Wind from the Sea" art community field exhibition, three-dimensional origami public education activities; 2020 "The 24th Shanghai Art Fair" entrance signature wall the only installation art origami totem display; The only installation art mortise and tenon square display at the entrance of the 2021 "16th Art Beijing Expo".
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