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Everything about myself

Jose Luis Malca Atencio
Name: Jose Luis
Surnames: Malca Atencio
Address: Via Gramsci nr 4 Calabritto (AV) (Italy)
Phone: +39 3348311842
Residence permit: I0344336A
Identity Card (Italian): AY 0505853
Social Security Number: MLCJLS85S21Z611O
sex: man
Civil status: married
Date of birth 21/11/1985
Place of birth: Huacho (Lima - Peru)
Nationality: Peruvian.
Peruvian passport number: C431306
Profession: sculptor, painter and decorator

I studied sculpture at the University of Arts of Venezuela (UNEARTE)
* I have an artistic experience in other countries such as Venezuela, Peru, Colombia and Italy, participating in many art exhibitions.
* I took a scenography course at the University of Experimental Arts (UNEARTE) in Venezuela.
* I made many presentations on sculpture in Venezuela, Peru and Italy
* I created sets for various shows for children and adults
* I am also a sculptor. In the city of Calabritto (AV), I made several virgins, saints, angels ... of all sizes.
* In Venezuela and Peru, I managed to direct the theater, to present works of my fatherhood such as: "Angelo Caduto", "Van Gogh and Gauguin", as well as other works that are not my fatherhood, such as "" Of crime and punishment "(Dostoevsky), The importance of being called Ernest (Wilde), Red and Black (Stendhal) and Little Red Riding Hood.
* I can create structures of different sizes, shapes and weights, animals, houses, castles, floats, etc. Resistant and quality for theatrical performances.
* I am a creator of the wall project and I realized some in Venezuela and Peru.
* I have a great creative ability
* I know all the painting techniques: oil, watercolor, charcoal, pastel oil, spray paint, etc. And I know how to work on any type of surface: fabric, wood, cardboard, paper, etc.
* I have experience in using Adobe Creative Suite applications (Illustrator, Photophop, Flash).
* I speak two languages: Spanish and Italian.
* I have a level of English and intermediate French.

Experience in French:
I took basic and intermediate English courses while studying at the university from 2008 to 2010
Experience in English:
I took basic and intermediate English courses while studying at the university from 2004 to 2006.
Experience in Italian language:
Since July 2016, I live in Italy and on my own, I have translated several art history books for my personal use.
Experience in Spanish language:
Spanish is my mother tongue.
Education, training and chronology:
Diverse level studies:
Bachelor of Science, Colegio Interamericano (Trujillo-Peru)
Basic studies:
Colegio Plaza. Guarenas (State of Miranda-Venezuela)
Primary studies:
Colegio Plaza. Guarenas (State of Miranda-Venezuela)
2003 - 2004 3rd semester Bachelor in Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences, University Center of Venezuela (U.C.V) (diploma not completed).
2005 - 2008 6th semester BSc in Bioanalysis, Faculty of Medicine Universidad Central de Venezuela (U.C.V) Note: Due to constant protests in Venezuela, several times the university has been closed since 2007. (degree not completed).
2008 - 2011 At the beginning of 2008, he decided to give up his career of biological analysis at the Faculty of Medicine of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) for high-level technical studies in scenography and performing arts at the University experimental. National Arts (UNEARTE), he began at the same time studies of drawing and carpentry at the American Academy of Caracas (Venezuela).
2011 - 2013 finishes their technical studies in scenography and decides to go to Peru on vacation to find his origins. This trip will last 2 years. If he wrote and produced several pieces, the most significant are his works: "Pizarro and Atahualpa" and "Ángel Caído".
It is in this country that his idea of the "mural painting project" was born and he is in Peru where he will realize several murals of indigenous and environmentalist type.
During his stay in Peru, he participated in three art exhibitions:
2011: Art Exhibition: "Flowers of Peru" with painting: "Calas" Lima (Peru).
2011: Participates in the sculpture symposium of the chair of history of the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos, presents 5 sculptural works of the Nazca style that he creates for the exhibition.
2012: Art Exhibition "Conquistadores Spagnoli del Perù" with painting: "Portrait of Francisco Pizarro", exhibition organized and presented in Lima (Peru).
2012: He presents a symposium on Zoomorfas-style sound sculptures, reproducing the sounds of animals from the Inca culture. It also offers a workshop for its creation (Cuzco - Peru)
2013: Art Exhibition "The Great Women of History" with painting: "The Cleopatra Bath" Trujillo (Peru)
2013: Presents 2 sculptures for the representation sample of the prehispanic culture of Peru (UNT)
2014: Receives an invitation to visit Colombia and is established for a period of 6 months in this country by participating in two art exhibitions:
• Art Exhibition: "Barranquilla is art" with the painting: "Tempestad" Barranquilla (Colombia)
• Art Exhibition: "Tribute to Franz Marc" with the painting: "Zorros" Santa Marta (Colombia)
2014 - 2016: At the end of 2014, he decides to return to Venezuela, where he will start studying sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts for a period of two years (2016) and will also participate in many art exhibitions in Venezuela:
In Venezuela, he presents his mural project and is supported by the Zamora government to create murals in Guarenas and Guatire with the collaboration of other artists of the region.
2014 - Presents a Symposium on Aboriginal Sculptures of Venezuela, also presents a creative workshop about them
2014 November - Art Exhibition "Foundation of the City of Guarenas" with the painting: "Domino Players" Guarenas (Venezuela).
2015 - art exhibition at the House of Culture Guarenas "Bolívar, Bolivar always" for this exhibition presents two paintings, "Portrait of Bolivar" and "Bolivar helps the unknown soldier" Guarenas (Venezuela).
Presentation at the Guarenas Theater of my work "Vincent & Gauguin" based on the life of the famous painters Vincent Van Gogh and Gauguin; in the function Jose Luis Malca A. represented Gauguin.
2016 February - March: Art Exhibition "Great History Musicians" with painting: "Portrait of Mozart" Caracas (Venezuela)
For this exhibition, he will also perform a bust of the famous Venezuelan pianist Teresa Carreño, which will be offered at the Benito Canónico Music School.
2016 to date: In June 2016, he decided to settle in Italy and is in this country, where he currently resides, since his arrival in the country began to participate in theatrical performances and painting exhibitions and sculpture.
• Participation in the theatrical work "Il Barone" with the theatrical association "La Barcaccia", November 2016 Calabritto (Italy).
• Participation in the art exhibition: "Women and not just women", palace of the province of Salerno (Italy).
2017 - Participates in the exhibition "Pintura del Mar" painted a marine, Castello di Agropoli - Agropoli (Italy).
From 03/07/17 to 11/08/17 participates in the course: Cultural marketing project of operator and integrated tourism (operator of integrated cultural marketing and tourism) funded by TEMP FORM, promoting the municipal building of Gi Group Spa (City Hall) via Salvator Allende, Calabritto (Avelino - Italy). OMCTI CERTIFICATE (WTOTI Certificate).
2017 - I made sculptures of different sizes of the Virgen de las Nieves (Patrona de Calabritto) to give to the parish community of Calabritto and to sell them at the summer fair of the city of Calabritto.
2017 - Participates in the art exhibition: "Neapolitan Traditions" with the painting: "Tómbola Napolitana" Naples (Italy)
2017 Participates in the art exhibition: "Gente di mare" preparing two paintings for the exhibition, one of them winning the prize "The song of muses" in Bellizi (SA) on April 7, 2018, produced also a wooden boat.
Autumn / Winter 2017 - At the end of this year we will present theatrical versions of classics of literature such as "Daddy Goriot" (Balzac), "Crime and Punishment" (Dostoevsky) and "The Importance of Being Ernest ( Wilde), these artworks
they were presented at the theater of the city of Calabritto, where different functions of these three classics were presented.
2018 - participates in the art exhibition "The Sign of the Cross" for Holy Week with painting: "The Flogging of Christ" shows at the Diocesan Museum of Salerno, Salerno (Italy)
2018 - February - Presents Symposium: Ibero-American Aboriginal Sculpture (Maya, Aztec and Inca), at the Palace of the Provincia (Salerno - Italy)
2018 - April 7 receives the international award for his work "Fishing Day" in the city of Bellizi (Salerno).
2018 - On April 30, his drawing for the medal "2nd International Conference of Historians and Numismatists - Arequipa 2018" is elected and his medals for the sketch will be developed as planned for the middle of this year. Peru but its participation was done by email.
2018 - May 11 to 14 participates in the exhibition "Reflections of brass in a blue sea" with three paintings: 2 marinas and a landscape of the coast of Salerno, Salerno (Italy)
2018 - June Presents the sculpture symposium: From Rodin to Damien Hirst, the evolution of contemporary sculpture. This symposium presents it at the Palazzo Comunale di Napoli.
2018 - July He is the presenter of the symposium: Greco-Roman influence among modern sculptors, it was about a symposium and a workshop of creation, Jose Luis realized for that 6 models in plaster sculptures: 3 of the Roman period and 3 of the Greek period
2018 - August 12 to September 9 participates in the exhibition "capitombolando" which is exhibited in the museum Volcei in Buccino
2018 - from September 25 to October 5, participates in the exhibition "Dolce Settembre" presented at the Palazzo della Provincia Salerno (Italy).
2018 - November 5th to 21st Participates in the 5th International Symposium on Sculpture in Gilena (Province of Soria - Spain) with his sculpture of a Roman soldier. It is inspired by its past, because Gilena was once a Roman province of Hispania.
2018/2019 - from December 19th to January / February, participates in the exhibition "Christmas" 1 sculpture: Madonna with the child, 1 painting: "Winter in the andes" International Art Academy Afonzo Grassi, Salerno ( Italy).
2019 - from January 15th to February 1st, will take part in the exhibition "MedicArte" for health and well-being, Palazzo della Provincia Salerno (Italy).
2019 – 20 march to 20 april He participates in the spring art exhibition Salerno 2019, with his painting The Bride of Spring
2019 May 8 - 18 participation in Lukomorye Festival wood sculpture, Irkutsk - Russia
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