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Everything about myself

Austrian artist LIA is one of the early pioneers of software and Net art and has been creating code-based art since 1995. LIA's main tool to create software artworks is code. Making art with code essentially consists of the artist translating a concept into a formal written structure, which then can be used to create a “machine” that generates visual output. Since the artist's concept is fluid, but the formal written structure (the code) requires engineered precision, the translation process becomes a conversation between the artist and the machine: the artist provides a text, the machine interprets it and provides visual feedback (“is this what you meant?”); the artist then modifies the text based on the visual feedback. After many iterations of this process the visual feedback captures what the artist meant; at this point the artwork is considered complete.

LIA's works combine various traditions of drawing and painting with the aesthetic of digital images and algorithms. They are characterized by a minimalist quality and by an affinity with conceptual art. Her work takes on various forms such as video, realtime visual performance, net art, sound and visual installations, iPhone/iPad applications, facade projections and more. Her work focuses on the translation of certain experienced principles into abstract forms, movements and colors (and sometimes sound) to allow the observer to explore these principles on a subconscious level.

LIA works and lives in Vienna.
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