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Everything about myself

Letizia Lanzarotti, also known as Lady Be, is an Italian artist creates contemporary mosaics, icons and famous portraits entirely composed of objects that have lost their original function, simply becoming "colors". Each work has the power to awake memories connected to each object, when you see it closely, and to be perfectly recognizable from far. Moving away from the painting, in fact, the initial confusion caused by the view of an apparently meaningless assemblage becomes astonishment. The subject takes a form and you feel proud of recognizing the face as a whole. The work has a photographic look, its depth emerges clearly with lights and shadows, as well as the memories connected to the subject.

More info:

Lady Be lives and works in Rome. She studied at Art School and she is graduated in Academy of Fine Arts, her Contemporary Art starts with artistic use of recycled materials. Since 2010 she exhibited in major art exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 2013 she staged a curious performance: all the spectators were called to remove the pieces from the installation leaving the subjects completely "naked." In 2014, the turning point came with two major exhibitions: one in New York and the other on the Eiffel Tower. She's present in several art fairs, art magazines, catalogs and numerous newspapers talk about her success.
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