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Everything about myself

Luca Viti
Here is the translated text in English:

I founded VT Creative in Pavia in 2015.

I had a background in humanities, solid work experience in the theatrical field – away from the stage, among the staff responsible for organizing the auditorium – a Lumix FZ1000, and many years spent honing my skills with the Adobe suite.

The first years of activity are inextricably linked to the Teatro Fraschini in Pavia, to which I owe all the experience I gained in the audio-visual field. My task was to support the graphic design studio in the ideation, creation, and production of video material; interviews, seasonal teasers, monthly promos, and scene footage.

The skills I have acquired and perfected in this field have allowed me to be called upon as a freelancer for corporate and product videos. The manufacturing sector seemed to offer unexplored possibilities and stimulating ways of working. To adequately meet the demands, I further refined and diversified my skills and partnered with skilled and enterprising collaborators, so as to offer companies the most comprehensive package of services. This meant creating a stable network of technical and practical skills at the service of ideas and their development. Copywriters, designers, providers, software houses, printing services, all work in concert to achieve the best result.

Thanks to our consultancy, which aims to convey values of practicality, solidity, and functionality, our clients have been able to develop and consolidate their image. With particular attention to the importance of the production process, they have been able to showcase the cutting-edge and high manufacturing quality of their final product.
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