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Everything about myself

Hipolito Angeloni
Hello there
I am an Industrial Designer, I live in Córdoba, Argentina. I am also a Senior Electromechanical Technician, I dedicated myself together with a couple of partners to make furniture in general and we create custom spaces, mixing wood, iron and 3d printing. I currently have a position that is a hybrid between industrial designer and graphic designer, which consists of the interpretation and resolution of the letter that the client sends when requesting our services. I am also an operator of a CNC milling machine
Since I was little I always liked the design of products and know their processes, so it was that I began to internalize little by little, starting with a technical college that provides me with knowledge from the side of machine tools, until knowing the strong theory of design that gave me the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the UNC. That throughout the career he challenged me with different projects and prepared me for the present.

I am a proactive person who likes new projects, and a strong belief in interdisciplinarity within the design process.

I started creating a 3D printing venture in which the last years of my degree were very useful to me, since I had one more tool to be able to materialize ideas and in turn led me to connect with the entrepreneurial world.

During the last year of the course I did freelance work for a professor who is now a colleague, in the part of 3D modeling and rapid and final prototyping, knowing even more about the behavior of materials.

Just before receiving I participated with an engineer in the preparation of plans and modeling of some parts for the production of different anchoring devices for robotic welding arms, among others.

Currently I am working in a company that is dedicated to making changes to the image of banking entities, in which I have the task of carrying out the modeling and planimetry of facade borders, and the operation of a CNC router in which I work acrylic materials. , woods and Alucobond.
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