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Everything about myself

Andrea Zelio Bortolotti was born in Musile di Piave (Venice) on the 5th of June, 1964. He graduated at Arts High School of Venice in 1982.
It is a painter, illustrator and author of books.
In the eighties he collaborated, by providing artwork, to the "Days of Young Consumers", projects by the City of Venice – Educational Itineraries.
He has been in charge of the graphic projects of the Veneto Regional Federation of Consumers from 1980 to 1990.
The newspaper “Il Messaggero dei Ragazzi di Padova” publishes some of his short stories.
He collaborates with several design studios in the rendering sector.
In 1999 he was commissioned to design and build the set design for the play "The Minotaur" by the Drama Workshop “2001” of Pordenone.
In 2000, he attended the Watercolour Advanced Course with the Spanish master Arcadio Lobato.
He has taken over the artistic management of the exhibit "Expected and unexpected artists" from 2005 to 2010, project by the Local Health Agency no. 10 at the “Leonardo da Vinci” Cultural Center in San Dona di Piave (Venice).
He is the president of the Arts Commission of the Banner for the "Design the Banner" section with the third classes of the Comprehensive School “E. Toti” in Musile di Piave.
He collaborates in the organization of reading and creative-pictorial workshops at the primary schools throughout the Veneto region, and develops workshops of painting at the Center for Mental Health of the Local Health Unit no. 10 in San Donà di Piave.
He designs and builds scenic sets for public and private bars.

Il violino azzurro (“The Blue Violin”), published by Campanotto Editore – Udine, (“Città di Penne” award, 2001);

Il sarto del senatore (“The Tailor of the Senator”), published by Firenze Libri – Florence;

Versi a una donna incontrata nel 1401 (“Verses to a woman met in 1401”), published by Il Portone Letteraria – Pisa;

In Era la Laguna (“That was the Lagoon”), the short story La Ricerca (“The Search”), published by Ediciclo – Portogruaro;

Re Artificione e il grillo compositore (“King Artificione and the cricket composer”), published by Campanotto Editore – Udine;

Le Parole e il Vento (“The Words and the Wind”), published by Firenze Libri – Florence;

Avventure a quattro zampe (“Four-legged Adventures”), published by Firenze Libri;

L’Isola del Silenzio (“The Island of Silence”), published by Firenze Libri;

Galeo Galeone (“Galleon Galeo”), published by Campanotto Editore - Udine;

Il maestro dell’alba (“The Dawn Master”), published by Il Filo – Rome;

La Casa senza camino (“The House without Fireplace”) – published by the Italian General Confederation of Crafts - San Donà di Piave section.


1983 Painted walls in Marghera (Venice), Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation.

1984 Public library of Noventa di Piave (Venice).
- “Punto e Virgola” Gallery, San Donà di Piave.
- “Painters from San Donà”, ex magistrates’ court of San Donà di Piave.

1985 Public library of Noventa di Piave.
- Council Hall of the Musile di Piave Municipality.

1989 City of San Donà di Piave, “Fair of the Rosary”.

1995 “Pre-leftovers of a faded portrait”, “Ippolito Nievo” Cultural Center, Fossalta di Portogruaro (Venice).
- “La Loggia” Gallery, Motta di Livenza (Treviso).

1997 “Listening to silences”, cromovisions, Palazzo Moro, Oderzo (Treviso).
- Selection in “The Theater” competition for illustrations for children, Venice.

1988 “Poetic technovisions” Crossing Arts Club, Portogruaro (Venice).

1999 “Memory fields”, Art Gallery, Trieste.
- “Beyond Calm”, “Leonardo da Vinci” Cultural Center, “Spazio atelier libero”, San Donà di Piave (Venice).
- People’s Museum of Labin (Croatia).
- People’s Open University of Poreč, Istrian Diet Hall (Croatia).
- Gromico Castle, Rijeka (Croatia).
- “Lignano in arts”, 1999.
- “Andrea Zelio’s Cromovisions”, Villa Erba Cernobbio (Como).

2000 “In the light and resonances of the Jubilee”, “Aldo Moro” Cultural Center, Cordenons (Pordenone).
- “At the Edge of Time”, “Il Mulino” art gallery, Gorizia.
- “From the waves to the soul”, Council Hall of Santo Stino di Livenza Municipality (Venice).
- “Inside the Contemporary Icon”, Exhibition Hall of the Employees Society of the Lloyd Adriatico Trieste Group.
- “Transparencies in Blue”, Exhibition Hall of the Tourism Promotion Company, Trieste.

2001 “Edge of Time” Pecch Pub, Jesolo Lido.
- “At the Edge of Time” La Caneva Pub, Jesolo City.

2002 “Winds”, Exhibition Halls of the aqueduct of the Lower Piave, San Donà di Piave.
- “Five Painters” – Primary Schools of Millepertiche.

2003 “Body, Sign, Surface” International Exhibition of Visual and Contemporary Arts, Embarcadero rooms, Este Castle, Ferrara.
- 30th anniversary of the Art Batik Group, “Sala Barna”, Barcelona.

2005 “Rags in the wind”, World’s Myths, Botanical Garden, Naples.
- “Colours and Flavours” Sanpietroburgo Restaurant, Turin.
- “Reality and Emotion”, tribute to Camille Corot, Embarcadero rooms, Este Castle, Ferrara.
- Exposición - Tribute to Mr. Miguel León Portilla. University of Technology of Tula-Tepeji, Hidalgo, Mexico.

2006 "HORIZONS" International Art Exhibition, “ArtexArte” Organisation/Foundation, curated by Paola Trevisan, presentation by the critic Valerio Grimaldi - Florence.
- “Iridescent Gusts” at Villa Doria d'Angri – Parthenope University, Petrarca street, n. 80 – 80121, Naples.
- “Iridescent Gusts”, Italian Arcadian London Biennale 2006, curated by Jill Rock, Stables Gallery Orleans House on Twickenham Riverside, London.
- “Enchantments of Dawns”, Saint Paul Courtyard, Ferrara.

2007 Rags in the wind II. Magics, 15th of September – 13th of October, 2007, Botanischer Garten der Karl Franzens Universität Graz, Holteigasse1, Graz - Austria.

2008 Giuseppe Garibaldi “Man of Freedom, Man of Humanity”. Convent of St. Francis - Bergamo Alta, 10th – 20th of January, 2008. Public event in Montevideo (Uruguay), 25th of March, 2008.
- Inventions, “Mario Bianchi” swimming center, Trieste, 16th – 28th of January, 2008, Press room.
- Arte/Facta Ferrara – from the 3rd to the 17th of February, 2008, SEKANINA/LOVETTI CONTEMPORARY ART.
- Olympic Spirit - Home Italy, Beijing, on the occasion of the Olympic Games, presented art work: “The word thrower”.
- ART/CHITECTURES AND URBAN LANDSCAPE International Art Biennale, Ferrara, Este Castle, from the 5th to the 12th of October, 2008.

2009 FUTURE CITY – AN ARTFULLY CITY, Exhibition of Contemporary Art, MILAN, Il Borgo gallery, from the 18th to the 25th of February, 2009.
- The Search for the Figurehead, work of a expressive workshop managed by Andrea Zelio at the “Studio Cromovisioni”, and consisting in seven components. Literary Cafe, “Leonardo da Vinci” Cultural Center, San Donà di Piave, 18th of August – 13th of September, 2009.
- Sport in Art, in: Open To All, University National Library, Turin, 10th -18th of October, 2009.
- Nights of a Winter Coming, Council Hall of the Musile di Piave Municipality, 4th -18th of Decemeber, 2009.

2010 Expected and Unexpected Artists, stage managing. Public Hall of Modern and Contemporary Art, “Leonardo da Vinci” Cultural Center, San Donà di Piave. Biennial exhibit in collaboration with the Local Health Unit No. 10 and Voluntary Associations. Subject: “Close Far”, elaboration of the work of synthesis “The Hunter of Worlds”.
- Slow Fast, 5th of June - 10th of July, 2010, Bejaflor nursery, Portogruaro (Venice).
- 7 White Half Nights, August, 2010, Iseppi Family’s Gardens, Musile di Piave.

2012 From the Mississipi to the Piave river- PIAVE BLUES 13th of July, 2012, Caposile Park (Venice).
- Andrea Zelio, ARTTIME- Udine 1st – 12th of October, 2012
- Canths and Paintings looking forward to Christmas, 23 December, 2012, Parish Church of San Donato, Musile di Piave.
- “Affordable Art Fair - Rome”, Macro Testaccio, 26th -28th of October, 2012.

2013 Diary of a never wanted journey, 19th of January – 3rd of February 2013, Council Hall of the Musile di Piave Municipality.
- Art for the Environment, Certosa Island – Venice. Art as the main driving force for environmental safety: Venice and Cividale del Friuli (Udine) have been the strategic places of the project. 2013.
- Festival of the magazine “Internazionale” held in Ferrara and the Day of the Contemporary, 2013, the Cultural Association "Olimpia Morata" is planning a further deepening of the subject: "THE ILLUSTRATION, FAIRY TALES, CREATIVE IMAGINATION" for the 2013 project of the association, "IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY" in the contemporary art field: presentation of the books by the writer, illustrator and painter Andrea Zelio Bortolotti, of San Donà di Piave, among which “King Artificione and the cricket composer” and “The Blue Violin”.
- “Imagination and Abstraction”, “Dell’Altrove” Gallery - Ferrara, the matter in the small art objects, fusion of styles, colors and forms: six different artists and their art, 7th of December, 2013.
- The Waits, Libreria Moderna, San Donà di Piave, 7th of December 2013.

2014 Affordable Art Fair, Milan, March, 2014.

2015 Circle Unified army of Padua: "In the salons of the Belle Epoque" LivePainting show with artists of the Choir of the Theater La Fenice - February 28, 2015;
- Participation, with more works, at the Sculpture Park Pavilion Aquae 2015 in Venice; only acknowledged collateral event by Milan Expo on the theme of Water;
- "New Town made of Sunrises", exhibition at the Museum Abano Terme Art Glass MAAV - July 2015

He was awarded in the following competitions:

1989 National Award of the City of Marostica (Vicenza) “Arpalice Cuman Pertile”, narrative section (first prize).

1990 National Award of the City of Marostica “Arpalice Cuman Pertile”, narrative section.

1994 International Competition “Giovanni Gronchi”, narrative section, Pontedera (Pisa).

1997 National children’s literature competition “Once upon a Time”, narrative section, Monterchi (Arezzo).
- International Competition “Giovanni Gronchi”, narrative section, Pontedera.
- National Award of the City of Marostica “Arpalice Cuman Pertile”, narrative section (first prize).
- Regional painting competition “Monastier Municipality”, Treviso (first prize).

1998 Agazzi Award, painting.
- National painting and graphics competition “Giovan Battista Cromer”, Agna Municipality (Padua).
- 13th National Award of Fine Arts “Ruga Giuffa”, Venice Municipality.
- 10th National Award of Painting “Piero della Valentina”, Cordignano Municipality (Treviso).
- International Competition “Giovanni Gronchi”, narrative section, Pontedera.

1999 1st Competition “Coloured Fairy Tales”, illustration for children, City of Motta di Livenza (Treviso) (first prize).
- National Award for poetry and fiction “The Gulf”, narrative section, La Spezia.
- International Literary Award “Moon’s Flowers”, Bastremoli (La Spezia).
- 3rd Competition “Andrea da Pontedera”, Pontedera.
- Literary Award “Once upon a Time”, Patrone Home Video in favour of Amref Italia, chaired by Susanna Agnelli.

2000 Literary Award “A tale for September”, Don Bosco oratory, San Donà di Piave.

2001 International Literary Award “Saint Mark – City of Venice” (first prize).
- 1st Illustration Competion “The Masks of the Third Millennium”, S. Vittoria D’Alba (Cuneo).
- 2nd Competition “Coloured Fairy Tales”, Motta di Livenza Municipality.
- Oderzo Painting Competition, Oderzo (Treviso).
- 1st National Painting Competition “Window on the Past”, Maserada (Treviso).
- 22nd Literary Award “The Front Gate”, Pisa (first prize).
- Narrative Competition “Galeotto del Carretto”, Savona.
- 15th International Competition “Giovanni Gronchi”, Pisa.
- International Narrative Award “Città di Penne-Mosca” (first prize).
- Award for Naturalistic Literature “Hermann Hesse”, San Donà di Piave.

2002 Literary Award “Pablo Neruda”, “I Fiori Di Campo” Publishing Company (Padua).
- Competion “The Stars 2002”, “Heart’s Voice” narrative section.
- 23rd National Award of Poetry and Prose “The Front Gate”, Pisa.
- Superprize “New Europe”, Bologna.
- Poetry Award “FITeL Nazionale”, National Union of Writers and Artists.

2003 Author Award 2003, “Life’s Colours”, Turin International Book Fair (first prize).
- International Literary Competition “Saint Mark”, Cities of Venice - Chioggia.
- Narrative Competition “City of Campodarsego”, Padua.
- International Literary Award “The Fortress of San Miniato”, Florence.

2004 15th National Award of Poetry and Prose “The Front Gate”, Pisa.

2005 International Literary Competition “Saint Mark”, Cities of Venice - Chioggia.
- International Literary Award “Clasped Hands for Peace”, Fucecchio (Florence).

2006 13th edition of the Festival of Poetry and Fiction and Grand Gala of Love, Montegrotto Terme (Padua).

2012 19th International Award “City of Venice”.

2015 Literary Award "Giuseppe Morselli", with the work "The words and the Wind".
- International Award “Locanda del Doge” for fiction for children with the work "The island of silence".
- National Award "Unicorn - Rovigo", comics section, with the work "The house without the fireplace."

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